bigger hammer stagehand wearing biggerhammer t shirt pushing low road case
bigger hammer stagehand wearing biggerhammer t shirt pushing tall road case
stagehand back wearing bigger hammer t shirt
bigeer hammer rigger wearing bigger hammer t shirt and harness
bigger hammer stagehand lifting stage deck

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          Bigger Hammer Production Services

Bigger Hammer Production Services provides quality A.V. technicians, stagehands and riggers across the greater Los Angeles area. Since 1996, we've built our reputation by providing professional, hard working, and responsible crews. Which is why our company is driven by word-of-mouth referrals and repeat business.

Our company provides stage labor for a wide range of events including corporate events, concert production, production rehearsals, special events & more. Whether it’s one stagehand for a load-in or a large calls for a week-long corporate event or festival, we provide a great stage crew.

We provide production management for live events. We also have seasoned stage managers for radio shows, corporate events and festivals.

We hire responsible, experienced individuals who bring a positive attitude to their work. For stagehands, riggers, lighting, audio & video technicians and more, you can rely on a Bigger Hammer crew.

Need labor outside of Southern California? As a full service labor broker, Bigger Hammer also books labor across the U.S., Canada and beyond.

To inquire further about Bigger Hammer please contact us.