bigger hammer stagehand wearing biggerhammer t shirt pushing low road case
bigger hammer stagehand wearing biggerhammer t shirt pushing tall road case
stagehand back wearing bigger hammer t shirt
bigeer hammer rigger wearing bigger hammer t shirt and harness
bigger hammer stagehand lifting stage deck

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Bigger Hammer provides stagehands and AV technicians, rigging services, stage management, production management and crew labor coordination for events & productions across the greater Los Angeles, Southern California, nationally and beyond.

Founded in 1996, Bigger Hammer continues to grow. Focused on providing quality services, We have organically built up our clientele over the years.

We are Local Crew.

Our mission is simple: Provide excellent service.

We have an ever-expanding variety of client types including:

Audio Video Companies

Charitable Organizations

Concert & Festival Promoters

Corporate Production Companies

Entertainment Equipment Manufacturers

Entertainment Freight Forwarders

Event Planners

Experiencial Marketing Firms

Film Production Companies

Hotels & in-house AV departments

Lighting Companies

Lighting Design Firms

National & International Touring Artists

Night Clubs

Record Labels

Rehearsal Studios

Sound Companies

Special Event Producers

Sporting Events

Staging Companies

Television Networks & Production